I draw on my experience and talents to create projects that suit your needs.

I am a full-time freelancer based in northern Virginia, who works with clients in the DC area and around the country. I create projects in a wide range of formats that include print, online, audio, video, social media, and blogging. I enjoy working with others, including subject-matter experts and creative specialists. My goal is to share nonfiction topics in an engaging, entertaining way with the general public.

I have developed projects for museums, art galleries, national parks, book publishers, magazines, rare book libraries, maritime and environmental outreach programs, an architecture firm, and other clients.

Glory of Baroque Dresden, Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange

I graduated from Princeton University with highest honors in international relations at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. I have been in publishing and editorial work ever since. This includes more than a decade on staff as an editor, researcher, and writer at Time-Life Books, followed by more than 15 years as a freelancer.

I have completed professional development courses in web writing, basic web design, web accessibility, and book publishing. I’m a member of the American Alliance of Museums, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and the Time-Life Alumni Society.